Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Top 5 Designer Gifts to Include in Your Gift Sets

There are gifts and then there are designer gifts for the baby you love

Gift sets are an extremely popular gift to give when someone is having a new baby or during the holiday season. However, what exactly should you include in your gift set. You want stuff that is going to be practical yet that the mommy and baby will also love. Therefore, it is important to add little designer gifts in with your gift set so that it is unique and is set apart from any other gift set that you might receive. Mommy Couture brings you the top five designer gifts to include.

1. Designer Diaper Bags

Any gift set for a family that just welcomed a newborn should include a designer diaper bag. Why would you just create your gift set in your average basket when you can make it a top-notch gift when it is incredible displayed inside one of the many designer diaper bags that Mommy Couture has to offer? These diaper bags come in several different styles and colors. Some that can be disguised as handbags not diaper bags. Whichever one you choose the family in your life will be grateful.

2. Baby Blankets

If you are creating a gift set to give as a gift during the holiday season then you should consider including a baby blanket. Mommy Couture offers several different baby blankets that will help keep the little one warm during all the traveling for the holidays. Some of these blankets, even have the ability to be personalized so that they are appreciated that much more.

3. Personalized Baby Outfits

Mommies love their little babies to have personalized objects. One of the best ways to provide them with this in a gift set is to include a personalized baby outfit. These outfits come complete with an embroidered name and design that is custom to the child and mother likes.

4. Designer Shoes

Every tiny human needs something to keep his or her little feet warm. What better to do this than designer shoes? These shoes are blinged out in crystal, which is perfect for any baby girl to feel like the princess she was born to be. If you are looking for a gift mommy and baby will both love, you can't go wrong with this one.

5. Gift Certificate

Okay, so no this isn't a designer gift, but it is a gift that everyone will appreciate. When you include a gift certificate in your gift set, then the family receiving the gift can buy whatever they want or need just in case someone forgot to gift it to them. Gift certificates are a gift that everyone will appreciate.

Any gift you include in your gift set, the family will love. After all, it is the thought that counts. All gifts come from the heart. If you want to see any of these gifts or several others that Mommy Couture Designs has to offer check them out today! You are bound to find something you, the mommy, and the baby will all love and enjoy.

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