Thursday, March 10, 2016

Top 5 Hip Baby Gear Essentials

The need to stay hip and trendy is essential these days. From picking top notch products to the most authentic and handmade, baby gear is among one of the most lucrative markets. As you comb the store aisles looking for all that is eye-catching and awe-worthy, you find yourself lingering with the coolest gadgets and trinkets for baby. However, shoppers have left the aisles and headed online to find all that is chic and new. To lower the crowds, confusion, and desperation to find the best of the best, read on below of the top 5 hip baby gear essentials.

Lavender Rosette Infant Car Seat Cover

Custom Car Seat Covers

There are few things in life more adorable than watching a new mom carry her baby in his or her car seat. So why not make this a grand entrance? No more dull pinks for girls and boring blues for boys. Today, we have custom made slip covers in a variety of designs, prints, and colors for infant and toddler car seats. 

Designer Diaper Bags

You and baby will travel to see friends and family, to the store, and out to play dates. Out with the old diaper bags that all the moms have, and in with the new, swank designer diaper bags that look great on you and carry all baby’s essentials. You will feel amazing carrying these bags around. They have the quality and look of a designer handbag with the durability and effectiveness of a diaper bag. Gorgeous on the outside and full of pockets and storage on the inside – a pretty sweet upgrade in lieu of your purse. 

Shopping Cart Covers

You love your baby, and you want him or her (or them!) to stay clean and free of germs. While you’re running your most important errands, you usually have to seat your baby in the shopping cart. Sometimes, there aren’t enough wipes in the world to sanitize those things. Luckily, there’s a sophisticated alternative. Shopping seat covers offer comfort, style, as well as a germ-free environment to your baby as you stroll the grocery aisles. After you are done with your day, just wash them according to the label. 

Designer Baby Wipe Cases

Couture wipe cases? Yes, they exist! In the most adorable, custom designs, you will be blown away at all the options for wipe cases. Floral Mod, Espresso, and Pastel Pink are just a few of these awesome essentials. As parents, you’ll go through so many wipes it will make your heads spin. Why not toss the old box and upgrade with a design all your own?

Couture Baby Blankets

Blankets, blankets, blankets! Your baby will be swaddled in blankets, received in blankets, laid on blankets, and covered by blankets to shield from the cold weather traveling in and outdoors. Baby blankets are an essential part of your baby’s day. Give them the best quality and the best look. From plush mink to vintage style, wrap your baby in luxury that will not only be unique but comfortable. 

These are just five of the essentials every mom needs to be hip, read on for five more in the article to come.

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