Thursday, March 24, 2016

Five More Hip Baby Gear Essentials

Being hip is important to most moms who have a newborn and aren’t quite feeling themselves yet. In the last article, five of them were discussed. Read on below for five more hip baby gear essentials for the new mommy. 

Bling Pacifier Clips 

Swarovski Crystal Pink Crown Pacifier Clip Gift Set
Even if you have the sweetest, quietest baby in all the land, at some point or another, you’ll use a pacifier. Some may use them more than others, but you’ll at least give them a try. Keep them close to baby (and off of the floors) by using pacifier clips.

Couture Baby Burp Cloths

Bright Pink Chevron Bib and Burp Cloth Set
Baby burp cloths are as essential and necessary as baby blankets. You will use them every day, and so will anyone offering to hold them. With custom bib and burp sets, you will have a modish alternative to the all-white and cotton sets of old and still keep your clothes and baby’s clothes stain free as well. 

Unique Baby Bibs

Razzle Baby Cupcakes Bandana Baby Bib
Long gone are the days of boring and mundane bibs that contain droller than print. These days the bibs are just as fashionable as the clothes – sometimes more! With their custom prints, incredible hues, and creative designs, these bibs are sure to wow as they work their magic to keep baby’s clothes clean and dry. Cupcake, flowers, and brown pony print bibs are just some of the most popular. These make wonderful and unique baby gifts. Once again, these will help you keep stains from setting in on your baby’s clothes when you feed them as well. 

Bath Buddies Hooded Bath Towels

Pink Owl Hooded Bath Towel
Hooded bath towels are so cute. They offer warmth and fun at bath time. Not necessarily every baby’s favorite time of day, these hooded bath towels come in different characters – dogs, ducks, princess crown, clown fish, and cow just to name a few. Keep baby cozy and warm before and after. These towels also help to keep your baby cozy and warm from the tub to the changing table. 

Bling Baby Accessories

Swarovski Crystal Personalized Children's Converse
In the land of all things baby, lives a world of accessories. These accessories are some of the most stylish and fun of all the accessories in years. Baby bows, baby bracelets, and baby headbands are just a few of the essentials. Baby hats and baby shoes are a must! With the styles and the quality fabrics, your baby is sure to be a hit in all the nursery rooms. 

Custom car seat covers, hooded bath towels, baby accessories, and unique baby gifts are located in the most upscale boutiques. These baby boutiques take class, luxury, originality, and functionality to the next levels. They offer some of the most beautiful designs for designer diaper bags, baby burp clothes, and personalized gift sets. Finding an assortment of luxury toys at most chain stores will be a task. Located in one place, you can find all hip baby gear, personalized sets, and chic baby perfection. Shop for all things couture, handmade, and authentic!

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