Thursday, February 11, 2016

Top Five Unique Gifts for a Newborn Girl

There is nothing more gorgeous than a newborn baby girl, check out these unique gifts for yours.

Do you have a baby girl or know someone who recently had a baby girl or maybe you know someone who just found out that they will be expecting a little girl in just a matter of months? Either way this is an occasion to celebrate. One way to celebrate is by buying gifts that the child may want or need. Therefore, you should consider getting one of these top five unique gifts for a newborn baby girl.

Since the baby is a newborn right now, chances are they are not going to be able to pick up a toy and start playing with it. Therefore, your best bet is to go with a plush toy that they can hold on to and enjoy. The pink elephant is perfect for little hands to hold and even better to keep them company. The bright pink color will also help the baby girl with her eyesight.

Every little girl needs a pair of shoes. It doesn't get much better than Minnie Mouse crib shoes. These shoes are soft for little feet. They come in a stylish chevron design and feature a sparkly Minnie Mouse head. If you think your little girl is going to grow up being a Disney fan, then these shoes are the way to go.

If the baby coming into your life is going to take a pacifier, you cannot go wrong with this gift. This pacifier comes in several different colors and designs including pink and green polka dots for the babies who deserve to stand out. This pacifier gift set is sure to be a hit with any mom who loves to have her or the baby blinged out.

Every baby girl deserves to be as pretty as a flower. With this towel, you can't go wrong. After every bath, the newborn baby in your life will be wrapped up in this fluffy warm towel and sport a flower hood that will leave her looking just like the pretty flower she is.

If you are unsure which gift is best to give the new baby in your life, you might should consider giving a gift basket. One of the most popular gift baskets for girls is the one brought to you by Mommy Couture. This gift basket features a stuffed toy, picture frame, outfits, bibs, and booties. If you are looking for a gift you can't go wrong with, strongly consider giving this gift basket.

Newborn babies are a blessing and giving the mother a gift that comes from the heart will make her feel loved. Any of these gifts listed above will be great. If you want to learn more about these gifts or any other unique baby gifts or luxury gifts for mom visit Mommy Couture today and get started on all your baby shopping needs.

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