Tuesday, February 9, 2016

5 Baby Shower Gifts for the Diva Mom-To-Be

 Plush Baby Blanket
Mirage Plush Baby Blanket

Finding out a family member or loved one is having a baby is great news. There is excitement surrounding future life and all that the new parents will accomplish. Baby showers are a great way to show how much you care for your loved one and their baby. However, we all know those who will not be your typical mom. If you know someone who is a diva-mom-to-be, then shopping for a baby shower gift is even more crucial. You want to make sure that the gift is both practical and stylish. Read on to learn about five great gift ideas for the woman who wants a little more from life. 

Funky Baby Bib

Children are bound to make some messes, and unique baby bibs are a great way to make cleanup easier and more fun. To help with the inevitable food that a baby will spill, give the gift of a bib at your loved one’s baby shower. However, these bibs don’t have to be just any old plain piece of fabric. Try getting one with a funky pattern such as polka dots or animal print. 

Hooded Towels

Bath time is a great time to bond with a child. Give the mother-to-be a great, soft hooded baby towel that will keep her baby warm and dry; even better, get a towel that has cute character on the hood. This great feature helps dry off a baby more efficiently all while they’re sporting an adorable look. Mom will love that even during bath time, her child can look their best and have fun. 

Couture Crib Blanket

A couture baby blanket is a great gift that a stylish mom will cherish forever. You can get high-quality blankets that are classy and elegant all while keeping a precious baby warm. Mom will love it too—quality fabric and great design is a recipe for success. You can even look online to see if you can order a blanket with custom embroidery for a personalized touch.

Boutique Maternity Clothing 

Every mother deserves to look her best. Consider buying the soon-to-be-mom some great, high-quality boutique maternity clothes. She will love feeling and looking her best at this sometimes stressful point in her life. 

Stylish Baby Sling

A baby sling is a great gift to keep the baby close to its parent while giving mom or dad free hands. For the diva in your life, you want to ensure that the sling is stylish. You can shop online for a wide variety of fabric options to make sure it matches her personality. Just because she’s carrying a baby doesn’t mean she can’t do it in style. 

When you have a loved one who is slightly more high maintenance, you want to make sure she gets the best gifts possible—especially when it comes to her baby. She will appreciate the time and clear thoughtfulness of the gifts you give. Don’t wait to order baby shower gifts. Check out some wonderful online baby boutiques today to find the perfect gift today!

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