Monday, February 1, 2016

4 Personalized Baby Shower Gifts to Give

As seen on celebrity Jessie James Decker
Baby showers are a wonderful way of celebrating the excitement and preciousness of a new life coming into this world. When your family member or loved one has a baby shower, you want to make sure you give the best baby shower gifts possible. Truly great baby shower gifts are not only aseptically pleasing but also practical. You don’t want to give an average gift that they will have no use for; having a child can be stressful enough as it is and the last thing you want to give a parent is more clutter!  Thanks to great online resources, you can order almost anything to give as a baby shower gift. If you want some ideas for a gift that is both personal and useful, then read on!

1. Stylish Baby Bibs

As cute as babies are, they can create quite a mess for themselves! Consider getting your loved one a cute baby bib for their baby shower gift. The bib will keep some of the inevitable mess off their clothes and make cleanup that much easier. But you don’t have to settle for just any bib. Thanks to great baby product designers, you can get a bib with a stylish touch of funky fabric like an animal print bib.

2. Personalized Mommy Jewelry

A wonderful way to help the new mom celebrate the birth of her baby is beautiful personalized jewelry for moms. There are so many styles of jewelry available for personalization with baby's name, initials, as well as their birthstone such as bracelets, hand-stamped gold charms, and hammered silver necklaces. Celebrities also love personalized baby jewelry including celebrity Jessie James Decker during her Cosmopolitan Magazine makeup tutorial. What could be a more special baby shower gift than a personalized gift with baby's name on it?

3. Couture Diaper Bag

Having a baby means needing to be prepared for anything. But moms also want to keep their sense of style. When you give the gift of a couture diaper bag, you’re not only giving the gift of convenience but of style. Parents will be able to store more than just diapers in the bag and not have to worry about juggling too much in their hands. You can find great quality couture bags online that are made with silk brocade for maximum style and durability. 

4. Unique Baby Blankets

New parents will need the utmost of high-quality crib ware for their baby. Give the perfect baby shower gift by ordering a custom designed couture baby blanket. They are soft, warm, and come in a variety of styles from which to choose. Couture baby blankets are very plush, unique and would make a wonderful keepsake baby shower gift.

If someone you know is having a baby shower, you want to make sure you give a gift that they actually need but also one that is unique and stylish. Great baby shower gifts are both practical and personal, which makes shopping online such a great idea. You can choose from many options to make sure you are not getting just any ordinary gift. You’ll be able to find a gift perfect for your friend or family member that expresses who they are and the love for their child. Don’t wait to find the perfect baby shower gift today!

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