Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Spring Baby Shower Soirée

As the cold and dark of winter finally gives way to the warming weather and rebirth flowers of spring, it is a great metaphor for the new beginning with the birth of a child. A baby shower in the spring can be just great! Here are some ideas for a “spring themed” baby shower.

First, check out Pinterest for decorating ideas and recipes when planning a baby shower. This is a great way to start to spark ideas when you are in the planning stage. Also, think about how many people will be invited. This will directly affect where it will be held, what everything will cost.

When you pick the shower invitations, carry that spring theme in your invites. Even let the guests know you are going with a spring theme and ask them to join in by bringing a spring thing baby item! You can create the perfect spring baby shower invitation at

If it will be a small event, consider having it in someone’s backyard that has a lovely garden or a restaurant with a garden room. This will be a picturesque backdrop for the spring theme shower.

For a cute, and simple, centerpiece and decoration, pick up some bunches of tulips, daisies and other seasonal blooms and get simple pails in spring colors at your local craft store. This will show off some great spring colors and be an inexpensive way to have some lovely spring flowers incorporated into the event.

Instead of having a big cake, consider doing spring themed cupcakes. Each cupcake can have frosting in spring colors, which are also great baby colors. Top them off with butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers. It will be a yummy way to top off the party! Wilton Products’ website offers helpful step by step tutorials on how to make baby shower cupcakes. For a perfect spring theme, we love this cupcake design! Of course, the flower bouquet colors can be changed by purchasing different colors sugar sheets.

Guest Post by Rachael McAdams 
Photo source: “Bouquet cupcakes”. Photo. No Date. 18 Mar 2013

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