Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summertime Activities for Fashion Inspiration

When we think summer, we think warmth, sunshine, crisp clean air, fluffy white clouds, wild flowers, sleeping in, staying up late, star-filled skies, and juicy fresh fruit. While these romanticized images of summer don't necessarily come to fruition for all of us, there's something about the warm summer months that makes us think of brightness and freshness. With these easy and breezy thoughts of summer, come our summer favorite summer outfits. Whether you are home from college for the summer or you're dressing the kids for their three month vacation off school, summer can inspire some truly whimsical outfits. Consider these three fun-filled summer activities for fashion inspiration for both you and the kids.

Go to the Zoo

Going to the zoo is a classic summertime trip. With the kids home from school all day and the sun welcoming us all outside, there are few better places to spend an afternoon than with your family at the zoo. For moms looking for fashion inspiration for both yourself and your kids, the zoo can be a great spot. Spend time learning about the animals and their environments, while also picking up ideas for summertime patterns, color schemes, and textures. Animal print fabrics, feathers, and natural color schemes are bit hits for summer outfits.

Take a Picnic

Summer is all about spending as much time as possible out in the sun and with nature. Things like fresh salads and fresh fruit are staples of summer and few things are more fun than a summer picnic. Pack up some fresh lunches with sandwiches, juice, salads, and fresh fruit and head to the nearest park. Sit in the grass with your kids and enjoy the beauties of nature. Take in the blue sky, the soft grass, check out the wild flowers, and the summer clouds. Not only are these wonderful things to enjoy in their own right, they make for fabulous inspiration in the fashion world. Floral prints and summery colors are all inspired by a summer picnic in the park. Consider the bright tones of blue and green and the vibrant floral collage for your kid's summer outfits.

Laze on the Beach

The beach is another classic summertime excursion. While waves and sand aren't available to everyone, many people travel just to catch sight of the glistening coast. Take a beach holiday or make a weekend drive out to the coast with the kids. There are few things more summery than a day lazing on the beach and in the salty waves. The beach can be a wonderful design inspiration for fashion and art. With so many classic and cool colors, the beach setting can help parents put together some very peaceful outfits for their kids. Think about the shades of blue in the ocean and the lightness of the sand. The way all these colors work together can be a wonderful inspiration.

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