Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pregnancy Preparations for Bringing Baby Home

Homecoming for a new baby is an exciting time for a family. Along with the excitement comes a great deal of change. There are several tasks a pregnant woman can accomplish prior to delivery that can help smooth the transition home. Preparations in regard to child safety seats, breast pumps, and managing family and friends’ desires to visit can take the pressure off an expectant mother.

One of the most essential items for a newborn is a car seat. Researching, selecting, and installing a car seat should be done prior to birth. A hospital will not discharge a baby if the car seat in the vehicle is outdated or not installed properly. Installation of car seats can be tricky, even when following detailed manufacturers installation directions. Prior to the arrival of baby, an expectant mother can take her car seat and vehicle to have the installation of a car seat inspected by a certified technician. The NHTSA has a searchable database of locations where inspections are available.

Attending a childbirth class can be very helpful for an expecting woman. In a class, women can learn about pain management, get a tour of the facility, meet some of the assisting staff and learn about optional procedures. Even if a woman has already had a child, a childbirth class is always a good refresher. A woman can prepare her birth plan right before delivery day by including the pain management techniques she’d like to employ and what optional procedures she’d like to utilize. An example of an optional procedure is cord blood banking, where the cord blood is collected after birth and stored for potential use in a future medical treatment for the baby or possibly a sibling.

A pregnant mother can decide if she plans to breastfeed or formula feed. There are classes and lactation consultants available for women considering breastfeeding. A mother may need a breast pump if she plans to return to work outside of the home. Researching types of breast pumps available and costs involved can help a pregnant mother find the best choice for her in regard to function and budget. In some cases, hospital grade breast pumps are available for rental. The choice between breastfeeding and formula feeding is a mother’s preference.

Family and friends often want to visit or offer help. A pregnant woman can take advantage of these requests and maximize the offers of assistance. Requesting that friends and family give you a call before just popping over may help relieve any anxiety that may accompany having house guests during this new chapter of life. Accept offers of help in regard to meal preparation, house cleaning, or any other areas that can be easily delegated. Avoid feeling the need to give in to too many visitors and ask people to come on another day.

A pregnant woman has many things on her mind. A flurry of change comes with the birth of an infant. Preparing for a new baby’s homecoming prior to birth can allow a woman to focus on her child when that time comes.

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