Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Throwing Your Daughter's Birthday Party

When your baby girl is turning 1-4, the birthday party planning can be relatively simple. You invite family members and a couple of friends over and serve a little food and cake and voila! You’ve thrown a birthday party. The years after that can be a little more complex, but in a good way. It’s time to incorporate themes and invite more little girls and have party favors and activities for the kids and everything! Here are a few ideas to help you put on a great little girl’s birthday party:

1. Pick a theme and run with it! Discuss with your daughter a few feasible themes such as tea party, mermaid, princess, or a fun game like Candy Land can all work great for decorations and party favors.

2. Pick out a fun graphic that relates to your theme and send out e-vites instead of regular invitations, it will save on postage and waste while giving you a chance to really customize the invitation.

3. Find a good baker to decorate the cake in the theme of the party as well or make little cupcakes and let the girls decorate their own as a fun group activity.

4. Set up some structure like games that go along with the theme, even hide and seek, scavenger hunts, dress-up or a crafting table can make great activities. It’s totally acceptable to have a movie in the DVD player, ready to go if the kids need some down time or are getting fussy.

5. For party favors, instead of having plastic trinkets, hair accessories, stickers, homemade cookies and crayons make great things to give your guests.

There’s no need to stress about this, you can cut down on things by asking for help, ordering pizza for food and having the cake baked by someone else. Think of the theme as the template for the party and follow it as simply or as complexly as you wish!

Lisa is a guest blogger who writes about party planning, Super Mario birthday party themes and anniversary parties.


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