Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Push Gifts for Moms

We moms know that giving birth is no easy feat. Although the end result will be a beautiful baby boy or girl, the process is extremely painful, it can take several hours, and you can definitely rip a nail or two. While some expecting mothers may wish that they could pass the birthing responsibilities to their hubby, the gift of life can only be provided by a woman. This is why so many husbands are turning to materialistic offerings to show appreciation for their wives' strong will and efforts during the birthing process.

These offerings, which are dubbed as "push gifts," are exactly what the name suggests—they are gifts given to a mother following the birth of her child. And as explained on Good Morning America the gifts can get rather lavish and expensive, especially with celebrity mothers. For example, singer Mariah Carey received a $12,000 pink diamond and sapphire necklace engraved with her twins' names, Moroccan and Monroe, from husband Nick Cannon; Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe received a $250,000 Neil Lane 10-carat diamond ring from husband Rodger Berman; and singer/actress Jennifer Lopez received not only a $300,000 canary diamond ring from husband Marc Anthony, but also $2.5 million set of custom-made earrings engraved with the initials of the couple’s twins, Max and Emme.

Non-celebrity fathers are known to splurge on posh push gifts too—some gifts have included awarding their wives with new cars, booking first-family vacation trips to exotic places, and of course showering their wives with diamond rings. But can only high-end push gifts truly demonstrate how much a husband "appreciates" his wife for giving birth? No, not at all. Or at least it shouldn't. In fact, it's probably not a good idea that your hubby go splurging on ridiculously lavish and expensive diamond earrings anyway when you have a child on the way—all those baby diapers add up. But while some husbands may argue that your new bundle of joy can be seen as a gift-in itself (which is true) and thus they shouldn't have to get their wives anything extra, that's not to say that a small, meaningful token couldn't be seen as an extremely sweet gesture.

For example, there is nothing more significant than receiving a piece of silver jewelry where you can keep your family close to your heart at all times like with the Ice Floating Charms Silver Locket, Heart of Love Floating Charms Silver Locket, or Sterling Silver Personalized Mom's Bracelet with your child's name on it and perhaps his or her date of birth is also another great way to eternalize the day you welcomed your new baby into the world. If you don't really fancy jewelry, then another great option you have to is make sure you're a momma in style by totting around an ultra chic diaper bag like this one by Baby Kaed called Silver Shanti.

Gift possibilities don't just end there, but if you would like to receive a push gift start hinting soon (and yes, C-section moms definitely deserve a gift too).

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