Saturday, April 2, 2011

Affordable Playhouses with Luxury Style

Mommy Couture Designs is proud to feature a new line of outdoor kids playhouses that not only have luxury style, but are also affordable! Spring is here and what better time to bring in the playtime backyard fun. What child wouldn't want their very own playhouse where their little imaginations can run wild. These affordable luxury playhouses are custom made by one of our Arizona designers who handcrafts and hand-paints each outdoor playhouse for the ultimate in quality and appeal. Playhouses are available in three different sizes to accommodate the space in your own backyard. Full plans and details will be shipped with each playhouse for ease of build. Don't worry about shipping cost as these playhouses ship for FREE!

So hop on over to and take a closer look of these whimsical fun playhouses!

Prices: $4000-$5500


  1. hi,
    Wow..What wonderful pictures, the playhouses are lovely. My little son would love to have one pof these. Thank you very much for putting up such a nice and informative post.

  2. Hi, Its very good to know that Mommy Couture Designs has featured a new line of outdoor kids playhouses with luxury style and playhouses. Playhouses are always really wonderful outdoor toy for children entertainment.

  3. Love the surf shack! My daughter is getting too old for playhouses, but I'd almost buy one to use for storage just because it's so darned cute!


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