Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Elegance Gone

We have been flooded with emails in the past month asking when some of our out of stock items will be available again. Because of the down economy, this past year has truly tested small clothing businesses and unfortunately some have been forced to close down. One of our most favorite designers, Dragon Tail Baby, contacted us just before the end of 2010 to advise us that they would no longer be offering their cute baby clothes. Dragon Tail Baby was known for their elegant, yet comfortable and practical baby kimonos. They were very unique and unlike any other baby clothing we had ever seen before and our customers quickly fell in love with them too. They will truly be missed!

Mommy Couture Designs began out of a desire to support artisan designers such as Dragon Tail Baby, as well as many other moms who create unique handcrafted items so that we could offer you the consumer one of a kind product. We hope that you too will help support these small businesses by continuing to shop with us!

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