Friday, September 3, 2010

5 Baby Fashion Trends for Fall

Summer's almost over, and you know what that means, it's time to stock up on cute fall fashion staples for your little one! With babies and toddlers as with adults, layers are an important element to keep in mind during the fall season, as are harvest colors in keeping with the changing of the leaves and the season. Here are five baby fashion trends to look out for as summer transitions into fall.

1.) "Blue jean" diapers. We've all seen the commercials, and while the Little Swimmers will soon be tucked away for next summer, the blue jean diaper should definitely stick around for fall. It's much more sightly if it pokes out of baby's pants than classic white diapers and pairs up great with fall overalls.

2.) Colored leggings. Can't bear to part with that summer sundress this fall? Warm it up with brightly colored leggings and a long-sleeved undershirt. Deep reds and purples, olive, pumpkin and brown are great colors to pair with fall dresses of complementary color. You could also try striped leggings in fall colors.

3.) Plaid. Equally adorable for little boys and little girls, plaid brings to mind the farm and the harvest, when folks head out to the fields in jeans and plaid flannel shirts. Plaid and checkered dresses make a great fall fashion statement this fall, as well as plaid button-downs to wear as a warming layer over T-shirts or long-sleeved shirts for boys.

4.) Fruit, veggies, and bugs. A single image on a shirt, such as an apple or a banana, sometimes paired with a short saying underneath, like "The apple of Dad's eye" or "I go bananas for Grandma" will be big this fall. Also, veggies such as peapods are popular, as well as cornucopias overflowing with fruits and veggies. Ladybugs are also a popular fall theme, as well as friendly worms and spiders for the Halloween season.

5.) Knit hats with ear flaps. A surefire way to keep baby's ears warm when the cool breezes start blowing through are knit hats with built-in ear flaps. Many parents are choosing to make them at home, but they are widely available in the fall in a variety of fall colors. Sometimes you can even find hipster hats with a built-in bill. Buttons, fall flowers and expressive "poofs" on top are fun additions to these fall staples.

P.S. While shopping for baby, don't forget that fall is the perfect time to swap out your old diaper bag for a fresh new one for the season. Modern diaper bags are looking less and less like traditional diaper bags and more like designer purses, a much-desired change for moms who don't like dressing like moms. Floral patterns, quilted fabric, animal prints and warm colors are spot-on for fall and still practical for baby's needs.

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