Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How To Choose A Baby Name You'll Love

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Many expectant parents struggle to come up with a baby name they feel confident about. Part of the problem is that we don't really think about names much, except when we need to bestow one on a new arrival. So thinking about baby names doesn’t come naturally to most of us. We often start with, well, John, Jack, Jennifer…duh.

Often, a good way to get past the name block is to think outside the box.

There are countless sources of inspiration for baby names. Here are some ideas, ranging from traditional names to names that come straight out of science fiction.

Why not jump right into those Sci-Fi names? It's a hot category of names – there is even a book called Sci-Fi Baby Names that came out a couple of years ago. There, you'll find way-out names like Anakin, Flash, Neo, and Hal, and for girls, Allura, Amidala, Luna, and Zira.

Sci-Fi not your cup of tea? Google "traditional baby names" and you'll come up with tons of lists, including classic names like Daniel, David, George, Henry, and Richard. On the girls' side, traditional names include many that are very popular right now, such as Caroline, Elizabeth, Emma, Eve, Julia, Sarah, or Victoria.

Feeling a little preppy? That's another source of great names, including Brad, Charles, Parker, Preston, and Warner. Feminine preppy names could be Addison, Annabelle, Brooke, Hayley, Lindsey, and Meredith, to name a few.

The works of William Shakespeare have been a source of baby name inspirations for centuries. The name Olivia, for example, is actually believed to have been coined by Shakespeare! The bard was perhaps the greatest wordsmith to ever put pen to paper, so it makes sense that his plays would be a rich source of interesting names. Shakespearean boys' names could include Adrian, Angus, Ariel, Francisco, Lennox, Leonardo, Ross, or Sebastian. Female names such as Beatrice, Cordelia, Hermione, Isabella, Ophelia, Regan, and Rosalind are classic Shakespearean names.

There is even a list of Depression-era baby names! During those hard times, the most popular baby names were a blend of the classic and the simple. Robert, James, and John were the top boys' names, while the top girls' names included Mary, Betty, and Dorothy. Other top ten girls' names from that period included Doris, Shirley, and Ruth. It's possible that Ruth was inspired in part by the Sultan of Swat. After the Babe retired from baseball in 1935, the popularity of the name Ruth began to decline rapidly!

Biblical baby names are perennial favorites. Names chosen from the bible often possess a rich history and meaning. Classic boys' names like Aaron, Adam, Caleb, Daniel, Ethan, Jacob, Luke, and Simon are plucked straight from the bible. For girls, famous biblical names include Abigail, Bethany, Deborah, Hannah, Leah, Rachel, Rebecca, and Sarah, among many others.

If you are ready to go out on a limb, you can always peruse the newest list of celebrity baby names, which is where you will find the latest, coolest, and trendiest names. You might also find the weirdest and strangest! From the celebrity world come baby names like Apple, Suri, Shiloh, and Harlow Winter Kate. It's where you'll also find way-out names like Sparrow James Midnight, Bandit Lee, and Bronx Mowgli. Use at your own risk!

No matter what kind of name you are seeking, finding the perfect one is all about getting inspiration. Inspiration comes in many forms, from the world around us, to the worlds of books, music, sports, and much more. Floral names, nature names, movie star names, rock star names, place names – all are sources of inspiration.

The key is to start early, and think outside the box. And remember that a name lasts a lifetime!

Guest Post by Neil Street

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