Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Best Dressed Baby on the Block

If you are the proud parent of a precious baby girl, haute couture fashion accessories such as hats, hair bows and headbands are essential when it comes to completing an outfit. Just as you would coordinate your own outfit with accessories, you can pull together your baby girl’s wardrobe with all the right accessory items that will make her the best dressed baby on the block!

Let's face it... babies look adorable in hats! Besides being a great fashion accessory, baby hats serve an important purpose by keeping baby’s head warm in the winter and protecting her from the sun year round. You may be looking at your baby girl’s bald head in dismay, just waiting for some hair to grow in. Baby headbands can be used on even the smallest babies and make the cutest fashion accessory for their first baby portrait. Add a little baby bling with a sterling silver baby bracelet and her outfit is complete. Accessories are an important part of every baby girl's wardrobe whether casual or dressy!

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