Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Top 5 Designer Gifts to Include in Your Gift Sets

There are gifts and then there are designer gifts for the baby you love

Gift sets are an extremely popular gift to give when someone is having a new baby or during the holiday season. However, what exactly should you include in your gift set. You want stuff that is going to be practical yet that the mommy and baby will also love. Therefore, it is important to add little designer gifts in with your gift set so that it is unique and is set apart from any other gift set that you might receive. Mommy Couture brings you the top five designer gifts to include.

1. Designer Diaper Bags

Any gift set for a family that just welcomed a newborn should include a designer diaper bag. Why would you just create your gift set in your average basket when you can make it a top-notch gift when it is incredible displayed inside one of the many designer diaper bags that Mommy Couture has to offer? These diaper bags come in several different styles and colors. Some that can be disguised as handbags not diaper bags. Whichever one you choose the family in your life will be grateful.

2. Baby Blankets

If you are creating a gift set to give as a gift during the holiday season then you should consider including a baby blanket. Mommy Couture offers several different baby blankets that will help keep the little one warm during all the traveling for the holidays. Some of these blankets, even have the ability to be personalized so that they are appreciated that much more.

3. Personalized Baby Outfits

Mommies love their little babies to have personalized objects. One of the best ways to provide them with this in a gift set is to include a personalized baby outfit. These outfits come complete with an embroidered name and design that is custom to the child and mother likes.

4. Designer Shoes

Every tiny human needs something to keep his or her little feet warm. What better to do this than designer shoes? These shoes are blinged out in crystal, which is perfect for any baby girl to feel like the princess she was born to be. If you are looking for a gift mommy and baby will both love, you can't go wrong with this one.

5. Gift Certificate

Okay, so no this isn't a designer gift, but it is a gift that everyone will appreciate. When you include a gift certificate in your gift set, then the family receiving the gift can buy whatever they want or need just in case someone forgot to gift it to them. Gift certificates are a gift that everyone will appreciate.

Any gift you include in your gift set, the family will love. After all, it is the thought that counts. All gifts come from the heart. If you want to see any of these gifts or several others that Mommy Couture Designs has to offer check them out today! You are bound to find something you, the mommy, and the baby will all love and enjoy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Picking the Right Hangers for Clothing from the Children’s Boutique

Girls Crystal Dreams White Feather Dress

There are plastic hangers, wire hangers, wooden hangers, and even velvet hangers. Choosing the correct hangers for your baby’s clothes can help protect clothing, keep the closet neat and organized, and even spruce up the room with a splash of color (blues, pinks, etc.). As small as hangers are, choosing the correct ones is important. How will you use these hangers – to save space, to hang pants, or for accessories? Here are a few tips in picking the right hangers for clothing from the children’s boutique. 

Depending upon your intended usage, you will be able to better determine your hanger selection. Whether you’re hanging frilly little tutus or long-sleeved shirts, there is a hanger to match your desires. For skirts and pants, choose stylish and fun pants hangers. For complete assembles, choose hangers that include a pants bar. Shirt or top hangers are perfect for the cute onesies you purchase from your favorite upscale boutique. There are even perfect hangers for baby accessories.

What is the purpose of a hanger? What are your hanger needs? Their purpose is not only to hang up children’s clothing, but to create a sense of organization and flow in their closets. Choosing the right hangers will help you complete this task with ease. Your hangers should be sturdy and the best quality. You will be using these hangers for years to come. As you map out the space of your closet, the bulk of your child’s wardrobe, and determine your needs, you will be able to make the best decisions. Hangers should never be bulky and create clutter. Select hangers that get the job done – appealing to the eye, sturdy, and purposeful.

As mentioned before, you will be using these hangers for years to come. As you shop for the perfect pieces to add to your child’s collection, you should also eye the perfect hangers for color, size, and durability. Most children’s hangers will range from 10” to 12” in width and be extremely strong – able to withstand constant pulling down and hanging up. We all know kids clothes have to be washed and hung repeatedly. Thickness is also key. Try to steer clear of dainty hangers that hold no value. Strong, durable hangers are best. 

As you set out to complete your child’s wardrobe, add extra pieces, or create organization and de-clutter, remember your hanger selection is a key component in your plan. Your hangers should not only be appealing to the eye, but add value and order to your child’s closet. Durability, needs, and usage are only some of the tips for choosing the right hangers for clothing.  Choose wisely. Whether they are for personal use or as a gift to an expectant mother, the children’s boutique is sure to be able to help you and give exactly what you need. Best thing about ordering from an online baby boutique is the solution delivers directly to your door. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Five More Hip Baby Gear Essentials

Being hip is important to most moms who have a newborn and aren’t quite feeling themselves yet. In the last article, five of them were discussed. Read on below for five more hip baby gear essentials for the new mommy. 

Bling Pacifier Clips 

Swarovski Crystal Pink Crown Pacifier Clip Gift Set
Even if you have the sweetest, quietest baby in all the land, at some point or another, you’ll use a pacifier. Some may use them more than others, but you’ll at least give them a try. Keep them close to baby (and off of the floors) by using pacifier clips.

Couture Baby Burp Cloths

Bright Pink Chevron Bib and Burp Cloth Set
Baby burp cloths are as essential and necessary as baby blankets. You will use them every day, and so will anyone offering to hold them. With custom bib and burp sets, you will have a modish alternative to the all-white and cotton sets of old and still keep your clothes and baby’s clothes stain free as well. 

Unique Baby Bibs

Razzle Baby Cupcakes Bandana Baby Bib
Long gone are the days of boring and mundane bibs that contain droller than print. These days the bibs are just as fashionable as the clothes – sometimes more! With their custom prints, incredible hues, and creative designs, these bibs are sure to wow as they work their magic to keep baby’s clothes clean and dry. Cupcake, flowers, and brown pony print bibs are just some of the most popular. These make wonderful and unique baby gifts. Once again, these will help you keep stains from setting in on your baby’s clothes when you feed them as well. 

Bath Buddies Hooded Bath Towels

Pink Owl Hooded Bath Towel
Hooded bath towels are so cute. They offer warmth and fun at bath time. Not necessarily every baby’s favorite time of day, these hooded bath towels come in different characters – dogs, ducks, princess crown, clown fish, and cow just to name a few. Keep baby cozy and warm before and after. These towels also help to keep your baby cozy and warm from the tub to the changing table. 

Bling Baby Accessories

Swarovski Crystal Personalized Children's Converse
In the land of all things baby, lives a world of accessories. These accessories are some of the most stylish and fun of all the accessories in years. Baby bows, baby bracelets, and baby headbands are just a few of the essentials. Baby hats and baby shoes are a must! With the styles and the quality fabrics, your baby is sure to be a hit in all the nursery rooms. 

Custom car seat covers, hooded bath towels, baby accessories, and unique baby gifts are located in the most upscale boutiques. These baby boutiques take class, luxury, originality, and functionality to the next levels. They offer some of the most beautiful designs for designer diaper bags, baby burp clothes, and personalized gift sets. Finding an assortment of luxury toys at most chain stores will be a task. Located in one place, you can find all hip baby gear, personalized sets, and chic baby perfection. Shop www.mommycouturedesigns.com for all things couture, handmade, and authentic!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Why Handmade Baby Gifts Are More Appreciated Than Store Bought Ones

Neapolitan Birthday Pettiskirt Outfit
As the years go by and technology advances, more is becoming accessible, mass-produced, and careless in creation. Baby gifts aren’t excluded from the world of mass production in the slightest. It is easy to make the same baby toys, diaper bags, strollers, and trinkets as the next 10 stores down the street. With that being said, mothers are steering more towards gifts that no one else has. Mothers want a level of exclusivity for themselves and their children. As you shop for an expectant mother or if you are one yourself, you’ll realize there is a new market for handmade, quality luxuries. 

Handmade baby gifts are more appreciated than store bought ones. Anyone can go down to the local, big brand store and choose any generic gift. Chances are the recipient will receive multiples of the same. Going out of your way to create a custom, heartfelt gift says you care; it says you want this person to receive something unique and special. Here are more reasons why handmade baby gifts are the way to go.

Custom-Made and Unique Baby Gifts

A custom made, hand-stitched baby blanket will put a smile on any mother’s face. Personalized gifts say so much to the mother and will mean even more to the child. With all the new, unique names each year, moms are sure to desire custom gifts for their little pride and joy. Custom made gifts take time and consideration; they take a great deal of planning. Gifts like these are appreciated.

Luxury and Thoughtfulness 

Any mother who is accustomed to luxury and elegance will appreciate the thought and sophistication of any handmade, tailored gift. Moms will know there was thought given to the gift and to the lives of their babies. Luxury, experience, and thought will overwhelm the mother with warmth and tears as they open their gifts knowing that you cared enough to go the extra step.

Stylish and One-of-a-Kind Baby Gifts

Every mom wants to be stylish whether she’s in her last trimester or 3 months post-birth. She appreciates this same style for her baby. One-of-a-kind gifts for mom and baby are sure to win her heart and become her favorites. Luxury gifts for mom, gift sets, and handmade baby gifts are main attractions at showers and firsts on gift registry lists. Even if you are not handy, creative, or crafty, the best online baby boutiques will carry these upscale items and take the task off your hands. 

Baby Keepsakes and Memories

As children grow older, they will lose interest in most of the gifts they received as children. But personalized, handmade gifts are sure to last longer than generic, mass-produced gifts from the store. They will hold anything personal and thoughtful near and dear. You can even deconstruct and recreate gifts for scrapbooks and photo collages as the children get older, so they can carry the gifts on until they have children of their own. 

As we continue in the age of modern and mass production, there is a new market for unique and one-of-a-kind gifts. Handmade gifts are being sought after. Moms are appreciating luxury, allure, and personalized gift sets over store bought ones. Upscale boutiques and online baby boutiques are all the rave. They offer thoughtful, designer alternatives to the stores you see lining the streets selling all the same things. As you choose to make your selection between handmade and store bought- consider the former for all your gift needs. If you want a boutique that will deliver all of the above and then a lot more, shop www.mommycouturedesigns.com. Right now!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Baby's Skin - Intelligent Care Necessary

Every baby is born with a fine, super delicate skin, yet curiously enough, beyond the first few years of childhood, really excellent skins are comparatively rare, not only the complexion, but the skin of the entire body.

Very tiny babies do not need much soap to cleanse thoroughly the little pores and scalp, but it must be of the very purest quality. The hands are a more intelligent wash-cloth than the finest linen. An excellent way to wash the baby is to lather him all over with the hands, then rinse him quickly, and dry as quickly as possible. "All over" does not mean the face, only the body and scalp! The face is washed first in water alone and immediately dried.

The bath is given in the morning to very small infants; after three months they rest better if it is given at night. After the evening bath an oil rub is very beneficial and relaxing, and keeps the skin in splendid condition, and is fattening as well. Use warm oil, olive oil or sweet oil or a very pure skin food or face cream, and massage gently but thoroughly. Then dust with the finest baby powder that can be procured.

Underclothes And Skin Health

A very essential aid to skin health is the frequent changing of underclothes. A baby should have a clean little shirt morning and night, and during exceptionally warm weather it is wise to change him when one changes the diaper, for more often than hot the shirt will be found wet through. In winter when both shirt and band are worn they should also be changed night and morning. Wet, soiled clothing next to the skin is a great irritant. A very young infant is, of course, handled as little as possible, and usually changed only before feedings.

Every mother learns the care of baby's eyes, nose, ears and mouth before the nurse leaves. She should learn too, the attention that should be paid to her fingernails and hands before touching baby's eyes. Baby's scalp must also come in for a share of attention. It must be kept clean with pure soap and cool, boiled water, and oiled frequently, and if cradle-cap appears it must be checked at once under a doctor's advice.

Every baby is entitled to comfort, from his little pink toes to the fuzz on top of his head. This can only be accomplished by constant care, common sense and a set routine. There is no virtue in doing a thing one day and neglecting it the next. Each day should be a pattern of the one before and the one to follow, and a mother cannot find it difficult to plan her day so that half an hour in the morning and another at night belong wholly to the care of a baby's skin.

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